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Sense and Sensibility (#62)

April 29, 2019
Jane Austen's work makes it to the BFI Top 100 as Brendan and Jason discuss #62 - Sense and Sensibility. From the story behind Emma Thompson's screenplay to Ang Lee's direction style to how the whole thing got off the ground, the background is nearly as interesting as the film! Besides all of that though, the guys also get into the nitty gritty of the movie itself including the great performances by literally everyone involved, the film taking something of a more balanced and almost feminist approach to the source material, one of the most emotionally gutwrenching crying scenes ever put to film and a whole lot more. This... this is a good one, folks.
Plus: The guys roll the dice to find out what movie they'll be covering next week. Where do you fall on the Jane Austen train? Fan? Not a fan? Is this the best adaptation of her work? If not, what is YOUR favourite? Let us know!
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