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Isolation Spectacular: The Girl with All the Gifts

May 18, 2020

To cap off this exciting excursion off the list, Brendan and Jason examine a film that may be a cautionary tale for our current world situation. Okay... maybe that is a BIT exaggerated but the movie looked intriguing and we needed a reason to watch it, alright?




The guys discussed the film The Girl with All the Gifts, a film that focuses on a small band of survivors in the midst of a zombie outbreak. If that sounds familiar, that's because it has all the structure of a familiar movie but takes a lot of left turns. They also examine how the film utilizes Kubrickian imagery, the notion of nurture vs. nature (it's not as pretentious as it sounds), they analyze the very polarizing ending and much more.


The guys also roll the dice to find out what they'll be watching next week. Join us, won't you?


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