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And Now For Something Completely Similar: Elizabeth: The Golden Age

April 20, 2020

Brendan and Jason go back to films somewhat related to movies on the BFI Top 100 with And Now for Something Completely Similar.


This week, the guys discuss the sequel to the 1998 hit Elizabeth (#71 on the BFI Top 100) aptly titled Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Much is discussed from the lack of interest in any of the romantic elements, Cate Blanchett continuing to be magnetic in the title role, the film's historical accuracy (or lack thereof), the accusations of anti-catholicism leveled against the movie and much more. Plus: play America's favourite gameshow - is Jason looking too much into this?


Next week: The guys continue the non-BFI Top 100 journey by talking about the modern reboot of The Belles of St. Trinian's simply known as St. Trinian's.


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